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NOCTI Security and Testing Agreement

The Site Coordinator (not a teacher) is required to complete all boxes that are outlined in red on the next page. If the “multiple schools” box is checked, an uploaded document will be required with your schools information on it.  The document is complete once the gold arrow on the left turns green and says “Confirm Signing”. Click “Finish” and a popup will appear to confirm the electronic signature.  The Administrator listed below will not receive an email until the Site Coordinator finishes their portion. Once the Administrator confirms, NOCTI will be notified of the completed agreement. The Site Coordinator and Administrator will receive a final email once NOCTI has approved the Testing Agreement and updated the account information.

If you did not complete a previously-started document, you can retrieve it by entering the same emails you entered before. An information popup will appear with further instructions.

*Changes cannot be made to email addresses entered incorrectly. Please be sure of their accuracy before completing the agreement. Failure to do so will require a new agreement to be completed. 

*mandatory fields

Please indicate an Administrator that is approving you to be the Site Coordinator (Cannot be Site Coordinator)