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NOCTI Security and Testing Agreement

Welcome to NOCTI!  We look forward to serving your site and providing the excellent customer service NOCTI is known for.

Completion and submission of the Testing Agreement allows NOCTI to create or update accounts. This agreement requires completion by the designated Site Coordinator and approval by an additional administrator at the site. 

Let’s get started!

  1. The designated Site Coordinator completes all fields below. Teachers may not serve as the Site Coordinator.
    • -Your information is listed in the first section “Site Coordinator Information”. 
    • -Add information for the administrator approving the submission under the next section.
    • -Note!  Changes to email addresses cannot be corrected after submission. Please verify both email addresses are correct before submitting.
  2. Once you click “Submit” you will be taken to the Testing Agreement. 
  3. Tips for completing this form:
    • -Tab through the fields to easily move through the agreement.
    • -When all required fields are completed click the green “Finish” button in the upper right corner.
    • -The gold “Next” arrow on the left will turn green and say “Confirm Signing”. A pop-up will appear for you to confirm your signature. 
    • -You can save your work and come back to finish at a later time. Unfinished Testing Agreement forms can be retrieved by entering the email address supplied previously.  An informational pop-up will appear with further instructions.
    • -Once signing is confirmed, the system will send an automatic email to the email address used for the administrator approving the submission, to obtain their electronic signature.

Tip:  Add the following email addresses to your Trusted Senders list to ensure you receive all emails from NOCTI:,,, and And request that your IT department whitelist our domain:

*mandatory fields

Site Coordinator Information

Please indicate an Administrator that is approving you to be the Site Coordinator (Cannot be Site Coordinator)