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Department level Document Collaboration

Document security features in eSign Genie promote secured collaboration within the department and help team members share the workload and ultimately helps teams gain efficiency.eSign Genie security is controlled at two levels:

1. Hierarchical document security: Managers can view the documents of their subordinates irrespective of their departments.

2. Department level: An additional option at user setup level to share the document with the department administrators.

Roles Assignment:

Regular User: Can create the template or use shared templates, send the document to get signed.

Administrators: Can set some account settings, edit email templates, perform the email group upload, create document templates and send functions. Additionally, they can also monitor the documents associated with their subordinates if assigned as manager to another regular user or admin.

Super-administrator: Can control the entire functionality of eSign Genie and view any document created by any user in the system. Super-admin account users can create the document templates and assign it to the users.

Department level document sharing:

With the department level sharing feature, eSign Genie provides the capability to share the document with the other department administrators. If the user has the ‘Share Documents with Department Administrators’ checkbox selected on the profile (Navigation: Settings > Account Users > Edit User), all the administrators in the user's department are allowed to see his/her documents. Administrators will not be able to perform an action such as signing the document if the signer role has not been assigned to them due to other security restrictions but, will be able to review and check details of the documents.

Administrators can see the documents under the ‘Shared Documents within Departments’ tab.

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