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ESignature Process FAQs

How do the recipients complete documents and esign?

Recipients receive a link in the invitation email. Clicking on the link takes them directly into the document if login is not required. If login is required, recipient creates a login/password for their non-paid account. On the left panel, clicking on the 'Orange' next sign takes the user to the field to be filled out on the document. Recipient/signer completes the fields to be filled out and signs the document. Upon esigning completion, a pop up message requests acceptance from the signer indicating that esignature is completely legal and signer accepts the validity of esignatures as equivalent to the paper signatures. Acceptance completes the process for that signer and displays the message if the document is fully signed or still awaiting other signatures.

Follow the link:-Esignature by Recipient

How to enable/disable login for the recipient/signer?

The default mode for all customers will not require a login to access the contract anymore. The signer will be able to click the link in the email and directly open the document to be signed. Under Settings> Account Settings page, you will see 'Document Access Preference' where you can select the level of security for your signer. If you still want the signer to login before having access to the document, just select 'Login Required by Signer'. It is up to you to control the level of security you prefer for your esignature process. This feature ensures that your contract cannot be simply accessed by unauthorized signer if the original signer has already set the password on the eSign Genie application.

How to cancel the document?

In case the Signer doesn't want to sign the document which he/she received from the author then he/she can decline to sign that document. The signer needs to click on the 'More actions' tab on the top right of the page and select the “Decline to Sign” option and then give the reason to cancel/decline to sign as shown below.

In case the author wants to cancel the document due to any reason, he/she needs to click on the more actions tab on the top right of the page and select “Cancel this folder” option and then give the reason to cancel/decline to sign as shown below. Once the document is cancelled, it will update the folder as “Cancelled”.

Can I resend the cancelled document?

Yes, you can send the cancelled document again by following the simple steps shown below:-

  • Author needs to select the cancelled option from the drop-down list on the document page.
  • Select the cancelled document and simply click on view document.
  • Author will get the cancelled document, he/she needs to click on the top-right corner 'More options' tab and select “Edit and Resend” option to send the document.
  • This action converts your document back to DRAFT status so you can make changes and resend to same or other parties.
  • You can visit this link to know more about sending the document. How to Create a new Document
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