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What is Bulk Sending or Bulk Esignatures

If you need to get a copy of the same document signed by hundreds of signers, you can use eSign Genie’s bulk esignature solution. Some examples for bulk esignatures are schools obtaining esignatures on permission slips from the parents, home owner associations getting esignatures from home owners on new mandates etc.

Yes, you can alternately use the embedded link or online link to get a copy of the same documents signed by many people just like bulk. The key advantages to using bulk esignatures are:

  • Online Link works well when you are using your own company email service. Bulk sending via eSign Genie allows you to use eSign Genie SMTP services.
  • Online link is always signed by the first signer whereas the bulk list can be used for any party in the sequence.
  • You can upload each recipient specific field values using Excel upload while sending bulk esignatures.
  • Email list can be uploaded into eSign Genie to send for bulk esignatures.


Bulk sending requires reusable template, address book along with email groups to be created.


You can watch the entire Bulk Setup and Sending video or skip to the steps below.


Steps to create email group:

1. Click on ‘Email Groups’ sub tab under the ‘Settings’ option.

2. You may create the email group by clicking on “Create new email group”.

3. Enter the email group name and description then click on ‘Add’ button.

4. Click on edit icon, choose the email address to add the contacts and then click on update.

5. You may also upload the contacts in email group through excel.

6. You need to download the excel file and fill the contact details with specific email group and upload it. Once you choose file, program will automatically upload the file and refresh the page with new or updated email group information.

Now you are ready to use the bulk esignature functionality.

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