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How to Capture eSignatures Using an Online Form/URL Link

eSign Genie online link/URL can be created from a template where a document can initiated by:

  • The first signer who must sign the document using online link/URL and additional signers sign via email notifications from eSign Genie.
  • Any person with draft link (or authorized individual if draft URL form is password protected) under draft status. Initiator using the draft link can not need to sign and is not counted as one of the recipients. Initiator can simply fill form and send for esignatures to the additional signers.


You can watch the entire Esignatures Using Online Link video or skip to the steps below.

Online form also offers advance workflow functionality where the account users can be notified based on rules (values of fields) after the document has been signed. This functionality is only available to enterprise plan customers.

  1. Reusable template can be created from the home page by uploading a PDF document. This is already covered in a separate video. If you have already created a template, you can navigate to the template page to create an online document.
  2. Select one or more templates from home page or from your templates page and click on ‘Create Online Form’ button.
  3. Next few steps will tell you more on how to select options while creating the online form.
    • Enter a meaningful Online Form Name that will display to the signer when he opens the link for esigning
    • Check ‘Form active’ box to make the online form active for signing purpose. You may disable the form by unchecking anytime later.
    • 'Validate signer email' is extra security measure to ensure that the person who is signing is actually linked to the valid email id that you sent the document to. It is recommended to keep this checked as Yes but enabling this adds one extra validation step for the signer.
    • You may compare the email id entered by the signer by selecting 'Double Verify Signer Email'
    • Selecting ‘Show Document Fields on Form’ will first show a fillable form with all the fields on the document. When the signer submits after entering the information on a form, document will open. Signer can then simply sign and complete the document.
    • If ‘Show Document Fields on Form’ is not checked, online link simply gives access to the signer to the document or contract that will be filled out and signed. Form success URL will be used to redirect the signer to webpage of your choice like your company product offerings or knowledgebase etc. after the document has been signed.
    • Check 'Enable Extra Document Information Panel' to view document related information on the right panel like attachments, history, comments, recipients.A new option has been added to add a right panel while capturing online signatures to enable attachments.
  4. 'Form Expiry Date' is used when you want to end-date the online form at a certain cut-off date e.g. when the school enrollment date is over, the form becomes inactive automatically. Recipients who got email notification to sign the documents after the first signature is complete, can still sign the document provided the document is still valid (before expiration date of the document).
  5. You can only enter either redirect URL in 'Form Success URL' or 'Form Success Message' when the signer completes the esignature process.
  6. 'Max Number of Folders' is for restricting the documents to a fixed max point as the name suggests.
  7. 'Theme Color value changes the color or the document frame and signature frame to match with your website or branding. This color is the hex color value e.g. #45BA01.
  8. You may also add the instructions which will be displayed on the online form and give the signer information related to the document or contact.
  9. 'Draft URL options' is for special cases when the initiator is not a signer but he/she just needs to fill some information before sending the document for electronic signature(s). Enable 'Also generate a Draft URL for this form' option to use the draft URL/online link. You can validate the author as the initiator by username and password when you enable 'Validate form author password when using this form via Draft URL'. Initiator can follow the document by enabling the option 'Send a notification mail to the form author whenever a new document is sent via Draft URL'.
  10. Select or deselect ‘Enforce Sequence Workflow’ if the document is going to be signed by 3 or more parties. First person to get the link will always initiate the document and sign it first and then only the document will go to additional parties. Add email of the second signer by using ‘Add Me’ or Add New as required. There are use cases where the first signer/initiator knows the second or subsequent signer name or email, the initiator can use 'Details Required by Form Initiator' option. You can add recipients permission and description/role. 'Allow Initiator to add comments for this Recipient' option allows the form initiator to send a specific note along with the document invitation email. 'Auto Suggest Name from Account Users' option will allow initiator to select the name of one of the account user in the recipient box and 'Make Optional' will provide option to enter the additional signer name only if required.
  11. Update the access privilege of the other recipients depending on whether they are signing the document or not. Save your work to create the form.
  12. Click on the document link at the bottom left corner of the online form.
  13. Copy the link to send to the first signing party.
  14. If you need a copy of the same form to be filled out by a group of users, you can distribute the same link to multiple users. Each recipient can sign their copy of the document by clicking on the link.
  15. First signing party clicks on the link received.
  16. Link takes the signer to provide his or her information prior to displaying the document or contract to be signed. Please note that the logo on this page will be replaced with your logo if you have uploaded one in the settings.
  17. Since I had checked validate signer email during the form creation, an access code is sent to the email provided by the signer in the last step.
  18. Signer can check the access code received on the email id provided on the online form.
  19. Entering a valid access code provides signer access to the document and contract.
  20. Signer can click on the ‘Validate’ button on the left to proceed to signing the document
  21. Click on the blue highlighted field with Genie icon to sign the document.
  22. The signer can choose one of the signature options to esign.
  23. The signer can select the esignature font style.
  24. Esignature confirmation completes the process and redirects the signer to the page specified on the online form. Next signer will get email notification and can complete the esigning steps by clicking on the document link received in the email.
  25. The sender or author of the document can now monitor the progress of signatures by logging back in and navigating to the online document page.
  26. If the sender is also the next signer, he or she can simply click on the ‘View Folder’ link next to the document and sign the document.
  27. When all parties complete signing, document executed notification is sent to each signer. Each signer can download the signed document with signature certificate or email themselves a PDF copy of the signed document.
  28. This concludes the online form link creation to esignature process in eSign Genie.
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