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How to Create a new Document by uploading a PDF file

Welcome to eSign Genie, the #1 easiest and most collaborative eSignature solution available! This short document will walk you through the entire process of uploading a PDF document and sending it for electronic signatures.


You can watch this video or skip to the steps below.

Create a new Document by uploading a PDF file

All the steps below assume you are logged in with an active account on

  1. After logging into the application, upload the file from your computer when you click on ‘Upload a File’ under the ‘Create New’ section and select the PDF file.
  2. Once the PDF loads, select the tags from the left side toolbar and drag and drop at the places where you want the sender or recipient to fill out the information. Please note that you can add more PDF documents to this folder using the add tab.
  3. Click on the field to select and enter its properties.
  4. In the field properties, enter the name and optional description, select format as required and assign to the recipient. You can add the recipient before starting the drag and drop operation or during it.
  5. Since there are no recipient parties created so far, we need to add the parties that will be signing this document in the next few slides and even you can add yourself as a party by clicking ‘Add me’.
  6. You can assign each party access to view only, fill fields only, or fill fields and sign document.
  7. Click on ‘Add New’ to add a new party. If you have sent the document to any party previously, the name will appear in the recipient parties dropdown as you start typing.
  8. Select ‘Enforce Sequence Workflow’ if needed. When you enable sequence based workflow, you will be able to set the workflow path in series combined with parallel by numbering each signer sequence accordingly. If the serial number against the recipient names are the same, they will get notified at the same time and can sign the documents in parallel. See the highlighted parallel and sequential workflow together during a sequence based workflow.
  9. You can also arrange the signer sequence by dragging and dropping the recipient names in the correct place and the sequence number will change automatically.
  10. Enter the party details it will look like the below image.
  11. Select the fillable field and select the party responsible for providing the value in the field properties section on the right.
  12. Drag and drop the additional fields and signature box to be filled out during the sending and esignature process.
  13. You can adjust the length and height of any field by dragging the tip on the bottom right corner of the field tag.
  14. Drag and drop other fields similarly and assign them properties.
  15. You can select multiple fields holding down the Control key while clicking on multiple fields.
  16. Multiple selected fields can be assigned to one party, Similarly add additional fields and assign the party responsible for filling those fields.
  17. You can save your template by selecting ‘Save’ from ‘More Actions’ dropdown. Alternately, you can send the document for esignatures.
  18. You can send using the default email template, choose a different email template or simply edit the language while sending. You can create as many notification templates as required in the ‘Notification Template’ section and assign one as default.

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