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Delegate Signer, Signer Delegation

This feature allows the original signer to assign the document signing authority to an alternate person. This functionality is especially useful when the signer is not fixed and signing responsibility can be transferred to the appropriate party.

Steps to Enable Delegating Signer Responsibility:

Delegation functionality can be set up at the account level as well as the document level. Account level setting ‘Allow recipient to delegate signer’ is defaulted to all documents; however, specific document delegation behavior can be altered from ‘Advance Sending Options’ under 'More Actions' menu for individual document or set of documents in a folder.

Account users need to follow the below steps to activate delegate signing from the account settings page.

  1. Navigate to Settings> Account Settings.
  2. Set ‘Allow recipient(s) to delegate signing’ as yes and it will allow the recipient/signer to authorize its delegate for signing the document.

In order to activate the delegate feature for a particular document, users need to follow the below steps: -

  1. Go to the Advanced Sending Options.
  2. Click on Yes, to override the account default settings and assign the delegate option in the document.

Steps to delegate signer:

  1. To delegate the signer, the recipient can select ‘Delegate Signer’ from the “More Actions” dropdown menu.
  2. Once the signer clicks on “Delegate Signer”, he/she must provide the full name and email of the new signer and comments with the acceptance email.
  3. Once the document is assigned to the other party, a notification email will be sent to the Author/Sender and Delegated Signer. The original signer privilege will change from ‘Fill fields and Sign Document’ to ‘ CC/View Only’.
  4. Here is a sample of the email to the new signer and the author/sender of the document. New signer can click on the link to sign the document. To see how to sign the document, please review document signing steps Esignature by Recipient.
  5. Screenshot below shows the document history panel, a new delegated recipient as signer and old recipient with View Only permissions.

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