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How does Embedded Form Work on Your Website

  1. Form you create will fields to be filled out will be placed the code generated by eSign Genie online form on your website page: Content in your case will be slightly different based on your template.OR You can alternately place the just name and email section and rest of the document will be filled directly withing the document that opens up on your website. Either approach works well.
  2. When the user fills out, they will get this page to confirm access code sent to his/her email instantly (remember this is an optional step based on your setup):
  3. User will receive email like this:
  4. When the employee enters the access code from his email and presses validate in access code screen, the filled out form will appear on your website if you choose 1a approach. If you choose the approach 1b, where only name and email, the user first will fill out this form and then sign within your website. Both options are based on how your configure your online documents in eSign Genie.
  5. Employee will sign the form and accept and both the program administrator.
  6. Both user (signer) and document admin (account owner) will receive an email confirmation like this:
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