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How to format document in eSign Genie

In this help section, you will learn how you can use the document formatting functionality for all of your documents. This is a convenient feature in eSign Genie that allows you to customize your documents according to your preferences. If you set up a global document format, it will apply to all the other documents you create thus saving you time.


You can watch this entire settings video or skip to the steps below.

Steps to Create Document Formatting

  • Navigate to the document formatting page.
  • Enable header settings by selecting the check box for ‘Use header in All Documents’.
  • Select the total number of columns for the header, choose content as text or image, its alignment and enter text or upload image as required.
  • You can also select the option to add the divider line and choose its color as well.
  • You can optionally add content below the divider line and align it as per your company letterhead.
  • Select the color of your text.
  • You can save or ‘save and download sample’ to see how your document will look like in the PDF.

  • Setup the footer setting the same way you did for the header.
  • Enable the footer settings.
  • Enter the content, and select the font, size and color of the text.
  • Setup additional required columns such as page number etc for the footer.
  • Save your document footer settings.

  • Create a watermark for your document if needed.
  • Select the image or text, alignment and opacity.
  • Save your work or Save and download sample to view how the watermark will look like on the PDF.

  • Create your page margins and line spacing etc. by either selecting from a predefined template or by simply adding custom margins and line spacing.

  • Save your work or Save and download sample to view how the watermark will look like on the PDF.
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