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Instructions to Generate Dynamic URL :

1. To bypass form submission, you need to pass ‘escapeForm=true’ parameters in URL.

2. For passing initiator field values, you need to pass below parameters:


3. For passing other recipient parties values (if any non-fixed recipient exist), you need to pass below parameters:


For 2nd non-fixed recipient party (if any)


4. For passing template field values, give the field name defined in the template in the query parameter:


5. For checking/unchecking any checkbox, pass ‘true/false’ as its value. Like:

 &checkbox_name_in_template=true or &checkbox_name_in_template=false

Example to generate sample URL:


1. Use '&' as a separator for all parameters.

2. For checkboxes and radio buttons pass values as true/false.

3. If having any trouble getting field names, please take help from below screens:

Right click on the field and then click ‘inspect/inspect element.’

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