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Instructions to Generate Dynamic URL :

Online form initial page requires the user to enter signer first name, last name and email before allowing them access to the document to be signed. However, if you have collected this information on your website and you can pass those as parameters using dynamic URL during opening the online form and the signer does not need to enter the duplicate information again. Below are the steps to be followed:

1. To bypass form submission, you need to pass ‘escapeForm=true’ parameters in URL.

2. For passing initiator field values, you need to pass below parameters:


3. For passing other recipient parties values (if any non-fixed recipient exist), you need to pass below parameters:


For 2nd non-fixed recipient party (if any)


4. For passing template field values, give the field name defined in the template in the query parameter:


5. For checking/unchecking any checkbox, pass ‘true/false’ as its value. Example:

 &checkbox_name_in_template=true or &checkbox_name_in_template=false

Example to generate sample URL:


1. Use '&' as a separator for all parameters.

2. Use '%20' or '+' as a space in the value.

 Example: **&Comments=This%20is%20a%20long-term%20contract%20** will display comments value as 'This is a long 
 term contract'

3. For checkboxes and radio buttons pass values as true/false.

4. If having any trouble getting field names, please take help from below screens:

Right click on the field and then click ‘inspect/inspect element.’

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