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Email Templates Settings in eSignGenie

In this help section, you will learn how to manage the notifications under the 'Email Templates' tab. You can personalize the email notifications language to suit you or your organization's style or you can use the default notifications as is. You can also create new notifications that other parties will receive the first time when you send the document for signatures.


You can watch this entire settings video or skip to the steps below.

Steps to Manage Email Templates

You can create multiple new invitation templates and save and edit the other notification template language as required.

Steps to Create Your Own Invitation Templates

Email templates help you create predefined email(s) language that you can use while sending documents for esigning.

1. Click on the 'Email Templates' subtab under the 'Settings' tab. You can create multiple invitation email templates by clicking on the 'Create New' button in 'All Invitation Email Templates' section.

2. Create name, description and subject for the email notification template you are creating. Enter text for your email subject and body. You can use ${document_title} in the subject line to indicate the name of the document.

3. You can use field tags in your template by selecting 'Use a Pre-Defined Field', like Document Title, Receiver Name and Sender Name. These tags will be replaced by actual value when the email is sent to the user.

4. Save your work by clicking on the 'Save' button.

5. You can save any one of your invitation email templates as default from the list which will be auto-selected while sending the documents to your users, also this default email template can be used while sending documents via API or Online Forms.

Steps to Edit Email Templates

Follow the steps to edit the notification template.

1. Click on the 'Email Templates' subtab under the 'Settings' tab.

2. Click on any template under 'All Notification Email Templates' to view the notification language.

3. Edit as required. You can insert dynamic values from the database by selecting from the drop down 'Use a Pre-Defined Field'. Click on 'Update' to save the changes.

Note: Use 'Send Sample' to send yourself an email sample to test how this email notification will be displayed to the other party. Also pay attention to the hints at the bottom of the page as they will give you helpful information.

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