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How to Send for Bulk Esignatures

Here it is explained how to send Bulk Esignature on eSignGenie.

Steps to Send Bulk Esignatures

All the steps below assume you are logged in with an active account on

  1. Create Reusable Template(s): Upload the PDF and tag to create a reusable template. Please watch the video on the application home page after logging in and also in the Quick Start Guide. You can watch this video for instructions on how to create a template:
  2. Send for Bulk esigning: Select one or more template(s) for bulk esignatures and click on ‘Send’ button.
  3. Select the email group for the recipient party while sending. Any recipient party can be designated as bulk (meaning one copy of the document will go to each of the person in the recipient email group). You can use esignature sequence with bulk as required.
  4. Click on ‘Continue’ button if you need to preload the information related to each bulk party before sending. Example: If school is sending a waiver form to parents to sign, they can pre-fill the known information related to their child before sending a copy of the form. Another example: If you are sending renewal forms to your customers, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to simply sign the renewal contract by pre-filling all the information and their respective contract amount etc. If you don’t want to pre-fill (upload information on each copy of the form), you can simply press ‘Send Now’ and send for bulk esignatures.
  5. Review the document created and press on the ‘Send’ button on the top right corner and the send invitation form will open. Click on ‘Download Template File’.
  6. Fill out the downloaded Excel with the values and save on your computer and upload using ‘Upload File with Values’ and close the file. Please note that you must enter date in correct date format selected in your template/document and checkbox or radio button value to be selected should be marked as 'Y' in Excel. See example below in the screenshots – the highlighted portion is the pre-filled values to be loaded before sending the document to the recipient:
  7. After uploading the file, the button name will change to the file name. Now you are ready to click the ‘Send’ button.
  8. After sending, the bulk esignature dashboard will automatically refresh every 10 seconds while documents are being processed and provide the status of document being sent out. If you have hundreds of signers in your bulk esignature email group, you can close the dashboard and wait to receive a completion notification.
  9. Once the bulk esignature sending process is complete, a confirmation email will be sent out to the author/sender letting him/her know that the bulk sending procedure is completed.
  10. You can navigate to the bulk esignature dashboard (Nav: Documents> All Bulk> Click on your bulk campaign name) to review the status.

Bulk Dashboard

Dashboard provides quick insight into the status of your bulk esignature campaign status. You can download the screen table data at any given point using Excel Export icon at the bottom of the screen. You can resend reminder email to all signers who have not yet signed the document. Additionally you can also download all the executed documents’ data using Excel export icon just above the table showing all the recipients parties.

  • Sender can send reminders to one or all recipients if the document has not been signed.
  • Sender can also cancel the one or all the folder sent for the signature.
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