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How To Send PDF Template for Esignature

Welcome to eSign Genie, the #1 Easiest and most Collaborative eSignature Software! In this short video I will show how you can create document from template and send for esignature in a few simple steps.

Send PDF Template for Esignature

All the steps below assume you are logged in with an active account on

  1. Select one or more templates from home page or from your templates page and click on ‘Use Selected’ button.
  2. Select ‘Enforce Sequence Workflow’ if needed and add the recipient parties. If you have the party in your address book, you can simply select when you put your cursor on the email entry field. Alternately you can select ‘Add Me’ or ‘Add New’ button. For bulk esignatures, please select an email list.
  3. When you enable sequence based workflow, you will be able to set the workflow path in series combined with parallel by numbering each signer sequence accordingly. If the serial number against the recipient names are the same, they will get notified at the same time and can sign the documents in parallel. See the highlighted parallel and sequential workflow together during a sequence based workflow.
  4. Also select the action required by each party.
  5. Your default email template will appear. You can select alternate email template from the dropdown or change the language of the template before sending .
  6. You can send the document to the parties immediately by pressing ‘Send Now’ button.If you press continue, then you can review the document in the draft status before sending and you may review and prefill some of the values.
  7. Enter the values of the fields that you can populate before sending the template. The fields can be edited by double clicking them Sender/Author is allowed to prefill value of the fields on behalf of other parties. However, if the fields are assigned to be filled by the other party, he or she will be able to edit pre-filled information as required.
  8. Click on ‘Send’ button when ready.
  9. Sender will be directly taken to review page, where he can press ‘Review Documents’ and get back to sign the document immediately. Other parties will receive notification email with link to the document to sign.
  10. This concludes our video tutorial on how to create document from template and send for esignature. Thanks for watching this video. Let us know if you have any questions or simply signup and start using eSign Genie.
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