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Upgrade your account and cancellation process FAQs

How to register for a new account

You can register a new eSign Genie account at:

What plan should I choose?

You can compare the plans under the pricing page on eSign Genie website: If you have a higher volume or branding needs coupled with ease of sending links etc., you can select 'Premium Business' plan. Otherwise our 'Professional Plan' provides a lots of features and ease of use to speed up your document/contract signing process. Pay-As-You-Go plan is designed for infrequent users who may have sporadic requirements for esignatures and may need only a handful of documents to sign per year.

What to upgrade an account from Trial to a Paid account?

When you are ready to convert to a paid account, you can simply press 'Click here to upgrade your account'in the yellow bar under the menu options.

Select the account plan, number of users, enter discount coupon and credit card information and click on purchase button. Your card will be transacted for the amount due securely. You can download invoice/receipt from the billing information page.

How to create users in my account?

If your plan allows for adding additional senders, you can create under Settings> Account User. Add Name, password, and role as ‘Administrator’. You can assign another user as his manager to make his documents viewable by the administrator:

For additional details, refer to the link below:

Account Users Settings

How to switch the sender in a single user account?

If you have a single user account and want to make another person the owner of the account or simply want to change your email address. You can use the following steps but it is important that you don't log out during this entire process:

  • From Account User page under Settings, update your current user and set status as inactive status.
  • Add a new user with Super Administrator access.
  • Next, set the new user as the Account Owner from Settings > Accounts Settings page.
  • Person will get email to set password at new email address. Once the email has been received by the new user, you can log out of eSign Genie. New user can now take over the account.

You can write to or If you are already a paid subscriber, you can click on 'Change Plan' button under the Billing tab. You can provide the number of senders in your account, total documents volume for all the user in your account and any other details and press 'Send'.

How to contact eSign Genie Sales or Support to cancel my account?

You can write to or If you are already a paid subscriber, you can click on 'Change Plan' button under the Billing tab. You can provide the number of senders in your account as 0, total documents volume as 0 and any other details such as reason for cancellation and press 'Send' button.

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