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How to delete a document in eSignGenie

The document sender can delete the documents in any status and send to the recycle bin where the deleted documents will be permanently removed from eSign Genie system after 14 days automatically unless moved/recovered prior to 14 days time period. Documents can be permanently deleted anytime manually from the recycle bin prior to completion of 14 days of automated deletion cycle. This functionality works just like the most email services.

Steps to delete a document

  1. Select one or more documents and press the delete button. User can only delete the documents authored or sent by him or her.
  2. Click on OK to proceed with your document(s) deletion or else click on Cancel to abort the deletion process. It is important to download a copy of the signed document prior to deleting as permanently deleted documents can't be recovered.
  3. If the documents are not yet EXECUTED then the documents will first be cancelled and a notification email will be sent to all the recipient parties and then moved to recycle bin.
  4. DRAFT documents are straightaway deleted permanently. It will not be moved to recycle bin.
  5. In order to undelete or recover the document, click on view document content icon as shown below.
  6. Click on More Actions on the top right of the page and select ‘Undelete’ option.
  7. You will get a confirmation message, click ‘Ok’ to un-delete the document or ‘Cancel’ to stay on the same page.
  8. Once you click on ‘Ok’ ,the status of the document will change from ‘Deleted’ to ‘Cancelled’.
  9. In order to resend the document, Click on More Actions on the top right of the page and select ‘Edit and Resend’ option.
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