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Account Settings

In this help section, you will learn about the settings for the company/organization account and the document fields.

Steps to Update Account Settings

You can setup your account information fields under 'Accounts Settings' page.

1. Account/Organization Name: User can update their account or the organization name. This name is also used in the emails for the esignature recipients.

2. Address: User needs to update their company address.

3. Time Zone: User can select the time zone as per their region/preference.

4. Date Format: Date format for your account will be defaulted while creating document or template. Default date format can be modified for each document if required. It is highly recommended to setup your default date format to save time while creating document.

5. Send Document Complete Notifications to Account Owner: You may select the option either for sending the document complete notifications to the account owner.

6. Document Access Preference: Recipient/signer will be able to open the document directly by clicking on the link in the email if you setup this option as “No login required by a signer” otherwise it will ask for the username and password before signing the document. First time signer will be automatically routed to create login if the preference is selected as 'Login required by signer'

7. Attach Certificate to Document PDFs: User can see the signature certificate at the end of each document PDF if they have selected “YES” for 'Attaching the certificate to document PDF's'.

8. Default Signature Option: User may select the default signature option for the signer and once they are ready to sign it will display the selected option i.e. from “Type”, “Draw” or “Upload”. If you want to restrict the recipient to sign using ONLY the default option selected, select 'Yes' for 'View Only Default Sign Option'.

9. Select Fonts for the Typed Signature: If you selected option to “Type”, you can further restrict the signature option and use only allowed fonts types.

10. Send PDF with Completion Notification: In order to send the PDF attached in the e-mail notification once the document is executed to signer party and the sender then we need to select “Send PDF with Completion Notification” as yes else no.

11. Default Fields Navigation: While signing documents, the recipient fills out the values for the fields assigned to him/her. Selecting 'All' option will make the recipient tab across each field on the document before signing whereas 'Only Mandatory' option will bypass the optional fields while tabbing through.

12. Display Indicators in Document Draft Mode: If the fields on the documents are too close to each other, the fillable field name indicators may overlap with the next fillable field(s). Selecting 'No' will turn off the recipient name indicator on the document under draft status. This option can be changed on the draft document by simply by selecting 'Display Recipient' from the 'More Actions' menu on the top right corner.

13. Save your changes when done.

Custom Branding

This is the Business Premium feature that allows company logo to appear on eSign Genie application pages and emails communications in place of eSign Genie Logo.

Email from your own domain

  • Personalized Sender Name: Account User can use their personalized name. It will be same for all the account user and they can edit on their own.
  • Personalized Sender Email: You may set your own personalized email through which the emails will be sent to the signer/recipients.

Reminders and Expiration

Reminders and Expiration feature allows the author (admin and account users) to add the reminder and expiration settings for the document.

After adding the reminder and expiration settings, the reminder mails will be sent to the signers automatically to sign the document. Reminder and expiration settings are defaulted on each document and can be changed from the document actions menu by selecting the advanced sending options.

This is the premium feature and available for the admin and account users.

How to use this feature?

Go to settings tab, select the Account Settings option and scroll down to Reminders and Expiration block.


(Default: No)

To enable the reminder mail click ‘Yes’ on Enable Automatic Reminders this allows you to make settings to send the reminder mail to the recipient to sign the document. Example is shown below.

Once you click “yes” to enable the reminders it enables all the options where you specify when and how often to send notifications to the signer to complete the signature process.

First Reminder Day :

This field allows you to select the number of days for the first reminder sent to recipients who have not signed the document. It accepts only the numeric value. In above example, the first reminder is sent after two days if the document has not been signed.

Reminder Interval :

In this field you may enter number of days for the subsequent reminders after initial reminder. In above example, the reminder interval is two days which means after first reminder the other reminders will be sent to the recipient at the interval of two days in case the document is pending signatures.

Maximum Number of Reminders :

This field allows you to enter the maximum number of reminders that should be sent to the recipients including initial reminder. In above example, the maximum number of reminders is three which means that three reminder e-mails will be send to recipients if the document has not been signed.


(Default: No)

To enable the expiration settings, click ‘Yes’ to enable automatic expiration.

Expiration Day :

In this field you can enter the number of days after which the document will automatically expire if it has not been signed by all the parties/signers.

Warning day before Expiration :

In this field you can assign number of days before expiration when a final reminder will be sent to the signers who have not signed the document.

Click on save button to update the reminder and expiration settings.

Override the reminders and expiration settings:

You may also override the settings for specific documents folder. You need to follow the below steps to override the reminders and expiration settings:

Before sending the document, click on “More Options”, select the Advance Sending options from there.

(Default: No)

It will open the screen, where you can override the account default settings for the particular document.

To enable the override feature, select “Yes” to override account default settings. It will enable to override the default reminders and expiration settings.

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