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Address Book Settings in eSignGenie

Address book is used for:

• Easily selecting the contact/recipient while sending any document for electronic signatures.

• Manually adding the recipient email addresses to the email group.

When document is sent to a new recipient, he/she is automatically added to the address book. In case of error in name or email address while sending, if the recipient information is corrected, manual resend/reminder can be used to send the invitation to the corrected contact. Account user from the same company are not added to the address book.


You can watch this entire settings video or skip to the steps below.

Steps to Manage Address Book

See how to create the contact list of whom you frequently do business with or send documents to.

1. Click on 'Address Book' subtab under 'Settings' tab.

2. You can simply add contacts by clicking on “Add New Contact”.

3. Enter the contact name, email, organization and description.

5. Click on 'Add New Party' button to add a user.

6. You may also upload contacts through excel. For that, you need to click on the excel icon.

7. Download the sample excel file and update the contacts then upload the excel file.

8. Alternately if you have super administrator access, you can edit other party information by clicking on the edit icon against the record. Click on 'Update' button to save the changes or click on 'X' on top right to close without saving.

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