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How Recipients Sign a Document

In this help section, you will learn how recipients will electronically sign documents. eSign Genie does not require recipients to have an account or login, but if needed, it can be required. Your signers can simply click the link in the e-mail they receive to access their electronic document for signing. Once completed, they will also receive a copy of the document in their e-mail inbox.


This video will help new signers learn how to quickly sign an electronic document and will show as a link on the screen the first time they sign through eSign Genie.

Esignature Steps for the Recipient

  1. Each recipient receives the email and link to the document as shown below.
  2. Clicking on the ‘View Documents’ link takes the recipient directly into the document. If you are signing the document for the first time, you will get a popup with instructions to sign the document. Review the instructions carefully and accept them by clicking ‘Got it’ button.
  3. Each recipient will fill out the highlighted field values in the document.
  4. The text box which is highlighted in “Red” is the mandatory field to be filled by the recipient.
  5. The same name fields take same value across all documents. For eg if the textbox have the value “Name 1” if the recipient fills the name it get auto-filled in the document wherever it finds the same value of the field.
  6. The user can choose one of the signature options to esign, They can select the esignature font style.
  7. If the recipient want to change the signature they can click on “Change Sign”option as shown below.
  8. Confirm that the user understands that esigned documents are legally binding.
  9. In the comments section, you can post your comments for the other recipients.Comments are delivered via email and also remain on the document.
  10. You can view the document history anytime or resend the document to other parties if they have not reviewed it yet.
  11. All parties can download the signature certificate or email themselves a PDF copy of the signed document.
  12. Once you will click on download PDF the certificate will look as shown below and you can save on your machine.
  13. All parties receive email with the link to the document upon esignature completion/execution. Documents can be accessed by all parties anytime later unless the document(s) have been deleted by the owner. We recommend signers to download a copy for their own records.
  14. This concludes the PDF document creation to esignature process in eSign Genie. Thank you for checking the document.Let us know if you have any questions or simply sign up and start using eSign Genie.
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