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What is Secured Field

Secured fields allow you to mask part of the information provided by the recipient or signer such as Social Security Number or Drivers License etc. Secured fields are encrypted in the database. eSign Genie displays only selected number of characters to the other signers. Full value of the field can only be retrieved via the report.

Secured Field Properties:

About Secured Field:

You can use secured fields when you require sensitive data like SSN, Credit Card, Bank Account Number, etc. You can mask the field information and prevent anyone from seeing the document or downloaded PDF after saving sensitive information. Based on your company settings, either the author of the document or secured field administrator can only view this information in a downloaded Excel report. In the company settings page, you can set ‘Restrict Secured Field Access to Authorized Users Only’ to Yes for only secured field admins to see. If you choose this option, you will need to enable the account users who are granted secure field access by updating user profile: Allow Secured Field Access’. If you don’t set these Account and user-level access profiles, the sender will get the access to secured fields by default via a report in an offline mode.


This field is only required when you update this field value using eSign Genie API or Online Forms or want to view this field value in form report or want to propagate the same amount to similarly named fields.

• Description(optional):

You can provide any instructions or descriptions for the field that will appear as a help tooltip when you hover over it while filling out.

• Characters to Display (default is 0):

Enter the number of last few characters that will be visible to the users for this secured field. All but 'Number of Characters to Display' will be masked. Example: If the signer provides 9 digit social security (999-111-1011) and characters to display is set to 4, display for SSN field will appear as 'XX-XX-1011'.

• Party Responsible:

Select the party from the drop-down, which is responsible for filling this field.

• Value Mandatory:

Selecting 'Value Mandatory' will highlight the field with a red border, and the document recipient or signer MUST provide a value for this field while signing the document to complete the electronic signature process.

• Mark it as Dependent Field:

You can make this field dependent on any other field values. To set a field dependent on another field, select the values of the independent field that will enable the signer to see the dependent field. Dependent fields can be set as mandatory or optional. Mandatory field setup as dependent become conditionally mandatory.

• Tab Order:

Tab order is a numeric value to determine the order in which the fields are filled out during the document esigning process. As the name suggests, when the user hits the tab button, it will take him/her to the fillable field assigned the next higher number in the tab order.

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