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Can I share my template with an account user within my company or from another company?

Yes, you may share your own templates with other company account user. You need to follow the below steps:

  1. Select template and click on 'Share Templates:
  2. Name the group/library you would like to add this document to and share. Alternately, you can 'Add to my Shared library':
  3. Add the users (by email ids in eSign Genie) who can view the template under their template library tab and use the template:
  4. Add emails:
  5. Templates will now appear under template library. You can click on the library name and delete or add users anytime.

How can I save a template from template library as my personal template?

To save the template library template as your personal one, you will need to create a draft document and then save as template in your own account. You need to follow the below steps:

  1. Select template and click on 'Send' button.
  2. Add the names of the recipients (You can put any names as you will not be going through the sending process), and click on 'Continue' at the bottom right corner of the 'Send Template' screen.
  3. Select 'Save as Template Copy', name the template and press 'Create Template'.
  4. Template will be saved under your personal template tab.
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