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How to upload pdf with Fillable Fields

This feature allows the user to upload the PDF with editable/fillable fields and convert them into eSign Genie application fillable fields. For example, the W-9 form and several other Government forms usually have editable/fillable fields. Conversion of PDF fillable fields into eSign Genie fillable fields avoids duplicate work and expedites the document or template creation process.

The upload program converts the following types of PDF fields into eSign Genie fillable fields:

  • Text Field
  • Check-Box
  • Radio Button
  • Signature field

How does it works?

  1. Upload a PDF with editable/fillable form fields.
  2. Once the PDF is uploaded into eSign Genie, the editable/fillable form fields will be converted into eSign Genie fillable tags.
  3. You can add other fields also by dragging it from the toolbox, then add the party/recipient and send the document.
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